Execution of irrigation infrastructures and the promotion of sustainable water management Project (ARDP)

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Implementing Agency

Green Plan – Ministry of Agriculture

Funding Agencies

European Union (80%)

Lebanese Government (20%)

Project Budget 

2,375,000 Euros.

Project Duration

from September 2013 to September 2016

Project Objectives

The Execution of irrigation infrastructures and the promotion of sustainable water management Project  aims to improve the livelihoods and income of approximately 230 farm households by improving the quality of their agricultural production and increasing its quantity, and to enable the Green Plan to carry out its mandate regarding soil and water conservation.

Project Components

Component One: Water and Soil Conservation

The Component One shall be implemented through the construction of 8 medium-sized hill lakes to harvest a sufficient quantity of water supplied by spring flows and rainfall and making it available to small farmers groups to help them achieving efficient irrigation systems in the selected areas. Sites are selected through a participatory approach and based on appropriate socio-economic and technical eligibility criteria. The capacity of the hill lake will be around   20,000 m3 and covers 45 Ha of agricultural lands.

For now, five hill lakes have been selected. These hill lakes are in the following locations : Aïnata (Dinniyeh Caza), Bchenata (Dinniyeh Caza), Tarchich (Baabda Caza) , Jezzine and Chwaya (Caza Hasbaya). You will find a summary of each lake by just clicking on the hill lake name.

Component Two: Technical Support to Farmers

The component two is based on the capacity building of eight farmers groups – In the selected hill lakes areas – to operate and maintain irrigation and water harvesting works and soil conservation. By the end of the Project, these groups will be able to manage the implemented hill lakes and assure their sustainability.

Component 3 – Capacity Building of the Green Plan

The Component three is based on the constitution of:

  • The Management Unit in the Green Plan Headquarter will be responsible in the implementation of all the Project activities.
  • The Strategic Planning Unit will develop, manage and update a national strategic plan on water harvesting  and land reclamation.
  • The creation of a training center in one of Green Plan centers.


   Latest news of the Project

  • September – October 2016: The Green Plan intends to award a work contract to execute works related to medium-sized hill lakes in Ainata (Bekaa), Bchenata (North Lebanon), Chwaya (Nabatieh), Jezzine (South Lebanon) and Tarchich (Mount Lebanon) including excavation, backfilling, concrete works, hydraulic installations and all other related works detailed in the following sections of these tender documents. For more information, please check Our announcements.



  • October – November 2015: Within the ARDP project, the Green Plan organized and conducted a training on the Geographic Information System (GIS) from 6 October to 11 November 2015. 18 engineers and technicians from the different Green Plan departments and Regional offices were trained on collection, conversion and analysis of data relevant to land reclamation, hill lakes and agricultural roads using GIS. This training will help the Green Plan mapping the executed works. The Geographic Information System (GIS) will be uses also in Master and Strategic planning. 

To download the leaflet about the project. Click on the link


Proposed websites to visit

– Website of the European Delegation in Lebanon: http://eeas.europa.eu/delegations/lebanon/index_en.htm